Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Just a few Halloween Photos ...

Here is Ashlynns awesome Naruto pumpkin - pretty dang good!

The nice witch (well - most times - ok sometimes ...)

Friends at a party

Mr Hottie !!

Ashylnn and Kayley

My best boyfriends EVER !!

A new BFF

Here's a little trick .... This is how you clean your pumpkins before you carve them ;-) ** have them take a swim in the pool !

Halloween cookies for Jays work and school and neighbors ... Yeah

Hope everyone had a fun - safe Halloween !!


Bowman Family said...

I am totally diggin' the purple hair! Love ya! :-)

The Allen's said...

Umm i don't think Isaac smiled for one picture yesterday. I love your tights the best. I meant to tell you that yesterday. I want to try your thankful thing. I might fail though. I love that JP guy too. Hope you guys had a splendid time.