Sunday, March 29, 2009

14 layer cake !!!

I have seen this recipe before and have had it for a bit .... so I fiGurED . What the heck ? Saturday afternoon i tried it - it pretty much took the WHoLE afternoon . Who'd known a cake would be so deMANDing with it's time ?
Anywho - these are the steps in order - bake 14 .. well we had a "Issue" with one layer , so it's 13 layers BUT - bake aLL the layers .

Then start the layering process with frosting in between each layer .
It ended up being Quite TALL !

The real TEST is to CuT into the center and see the results ... Each layer is a-spoce to be even ... WELL - oops ! But you get the idea there's a ToN of laYERS !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

let the TRUTH be TolD

No ---- I'm not prego ! But let it be known ... I LOVe my NeW PhoNE !!!
I know - i can be a bit overboard with my bling / fruuuff / animal print things .
But i gotta say for my WholE WidE life ( k - well -really like only 6 -7 -8 years ) i have wanted soooo bad a crazy - funky phone . It seems every time i get a phone ( usually the least expensive one i can ) -- they never have any CooL covers . SO - cereal - this time i had to look at the covers before I Made ANY life altering decisions . Jay would just laugh and laugh -- he has ONLY had to endure me talking bout it fuuur years . And THIS is the RESULTS !!! I can' t really work the thing all to well - BUT Whhooohooo - it's animal AND then I added some pink ( for spring colors) bling . I'm sure we have to change our colors for fall and go more leopard .

Who says ... that silly things can't make a girl happy for a bit -- at least while she is on HER phone !! then ... one of the BETTER parts -- it was ONLY 50 buckerooos - snaps snaps ! Please don't judge me for being so shallow -- i DO have other parts that are not so " in the shallow " end . hehe

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Ladies

LadyBUG - Lady bug fly away home ... NO wait !! make this your home - eat all our yucky, not welcome , not nice eating out plants bugs !
We have a tradition about this time of year to get our ladybugs and let'em loose ! They will eat the bad bugs and they hang out for a bit .. then sometimes they lay eggs and whhaalaaa - we HAVE more ladies - my fav !!

you release them at night so they don't fly and they eat and munch all night long -- yumm - yumm

It can be a bit freaky .. cause they start to crawl out of the bag and oft crawl up your hand or arm ... i swear i had ladies crawling on me all night ( but not really ... cause i bathed )

They say in one bag is 1750 of them little ladies !
As Ashlynn used to say ... " o Look mom - they got married " - it seems they get out the bag and they all just wanna get married ;-) - i still like to just call it that ...

They are so fun !! specially for little kids to watch -- it has become a family tradition . Even jaydad ventures outside to check them out .

Monday, March 16, 2009

Creating ... hmmmm # 2

My SpRInG Banner made with Heidi Swapp letters i just downloaded from her site . And of course had to add a tidge of jewelry to the banner !

Sooo - with the creation of the things i got ... Having no idea of the finished project in my mind -- i first added paper to this cone .

Then in no order AT ALL ... i started adding this stuff and made sort-of a tree / bird looking thing . Who knows ?? I just know it's not on my counter anymore calling to me " Shye --- just finish me !!! "

But I did HAVE to add some REally BIG diamonds in the tree AND for the tree TOP !

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Question for YOU ?? - YES --- YOU ;-)

Question for YOU ----
Comments ? Just thinking a bit lately and hearing friends say "they LOVE it when peps leave comments on their blog" ... Soooo -- my question to YOU is ???

Why is it that we don't so oft ? If your up for the answer ( which i'm sure you are ) how come we don't send out a little love ?
I think maybe we ALL want to feel validated / heard / understood / maybe that someone hears ... and we are alive and living - in this CRAZY world / life that goes on and on and on ...

Sooo - pick your A. B. C. or D. E.-- and you can even do it anonymously ... this is really to get an idea what people think . Please -- pRettY PreTTY pleasssee :-)
Thanks ever so !!!

A. Don't have the time to respond - running out the door ... late , late , late for a very important date !!!

B. Feel silly - don't really know what to say or how to say it

C. Don't really know the person , just came upon the blog by chance

D. This post doesn't even relate to me OR don't really relate to it ...

E. Other ... that's where you type out the idea -- you can still do anonymous :-)

Well - me personally - most of it is TIME -- Rrr... Wish I had more - or knew had to organize it better . Poop !! Oh well . Then - as far as knowing what to say - I don't really make lots of sense anyways , i pretty much type like i talk , which is my own lingo anyway . Let's just say ... Glad for spell check on HERE - cause then NOT only would peps not understand they ALSO wouldn't even know what word I was trying to SAY ... LOL Thanks Thanks ever so for playing along :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friends - to Stephanie !!

About a year or so ago when i released from the Relief Society , there were mixed emotions . Well - the gals I was soooo lucky to serve with organized a dinner together and secretly invited all the ladies I had served with being in the presidency . That night we decided to meet oft and have dinner - lunch - anything - some excuse to get together and enjoy each others company and catch up on our lives . We have done that ... well - not as oft as planned BUT still love the idea JUST the same . So here we are at dinner this last week having a WONDERFUL time . How lucky and blessed and fortunate I was to be able to rub shoulders and serve with such AMAZING Sisters in the gospel . There are still lots missing from this picture that couldn't make it -- and as ALWAYS !!! we hope they make it next time :-)

This last time we wanted to make sure and do BEFORE Stephanie left . She will be moving for a short bit to stay with family while her husband goes off to serve for our Country . Stephanie and Justin !!! how honored and humbled and grateful I feel to KNOW you ! What amazing people you BOTH are and YOUR daughter TOO !! I am in AWE to think of the sacrifice you ALL will make for sooooo many of us who don't even realize it . And THIS is for ALL the MEN and WOMEN who do these heroic acts ALL DAY LONG . My family will be and IS blessed because of YOU !! Thank you ! Thank YOU !
Thank you for being our friends ! We love you Justin - Stephanie and Sydney !!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creating ..... hmmm

Well -- Easter is ON THE WAY ... and i don't have very much decor - haven't really found alot over the years that i like . So - i'm thinking i shall try and make a one !
I found these that i LOVE --
of course they have bling ( wink-wink )

And who doesn't LOVE feathers ?? Well - i'm sure there are alot of peps - but I LOVE them - so had to have these .

Then - this is a pretty garland .

And I think i shall try and use things like this as well

Actually have NO IDEA what creation shall come of this .. but i know i like these ... so it shall be easy . right ?? wish me luck ?? ;-)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweeeeetest new-ness

My newest little nephew Easton ... i know he was born bout a month ago and I'm a bit behind - BUT he is soo cute just the same and I STILL had to post !

Friday, March 6, 2009

what the heck ... is that ?

One year ago about this time of year .... we started this long dreadful haul of hives ... RRRrrrr. we are still having them BUT not as bad and they are under control - we haven't had to use the
epi-pen - YEAH !

And have NOT been back to E.R.

Thank GOODNESS - Poor thing :(

For this we are happy and grateful !!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stake Young Women's Night

I was asked to help decorate the food table for the Stake Young Women's Standards Night ... The theme was "Virtue" and was done in gold . It was a beautiful night and and all the leaders and classes were very nice . We have such AWESOME leaders and they ALL go to such wonderful-ness to help our Young Women REMEMBER who they are !

Thanks sooo much to Ashlynn and Grace for their assistance on these tables ... they would NOT be what they are without them ;-)