Monday, April 27, 2009

beautiFUL daY

Today is a beautiFUL day ! love these over cast ones
Here are the roses Ashlynn picked for me one day in our backyard . To cute she got a basket and picked them , then we learned how to trim them and vASE them ;-)
Thanks miss !

Sunday, April 19, 2009

ReaDY - SeT .... GrOW

Here is OUR very - Very Small Garden . Follow the Prophet ... Follow the Prophet
Last year we tried too , but didn't have it in the right area , so we had to shake it up a bit and do a bit of moving . Here's to our garden this year ! Whooo whooot !

Water and Water aND GROW !

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter Sunday
Today after church - we tried a few NEW different things in our home . Since Ashlynn is older - she gets to help with things - so we had her hide the eggs and Jay and I went to find them ( who says kids only get to find eggs? )
Anyhwo - these are NOT regular Easter eggs with candy . They come with a story and symbols of Christs Life . There are 12 all together and when you open them they have something with regards to the Resurrection . There is ALSO a scripture that goes with . So we found the eggs and Ashlynn got to read all the wonderFUL things ;-)

Then this year I gave this child a "EMPTY" Box / Gift with my testimony in it written to her about my love for Christ and the Resurrection and the Atonement !

Of course this morning we had the Easter Bunny find us as well - she was glad to FINaLLy find the last egg .

Jay-Dad even gots a treat !

All - in all it was a wonderFUL Easter Sunday . I am especially grateFUL for this day. I am grateFUL to a Loving Heavenly Father and a AmAZING Elder Brother - Jesus Christ .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friends and Easter Pageant

A few years back Ashlynn and I were in the Easter Pageant - we LOvED it ! She had begged for years to try out - well , finally i decided she was probably old enough to do the late practices till 10:00 on school nights . So - we tried and O BoY !!! - we are so glad we did ! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such an AmAZING event ! After many practices and devotionals and REalLY JUST being around these wonderful directors and crew . Our Testimonies GREW ! It was an experience that I will forEVER remember and cherish !

Fun with cast and our family back stage .
Cousins who came to support
More friends who came to support

Well , having had this experience and being fortunate enough to be in the pageant that year with hundreds of people and crew working on this event . It MAJORLY helped me to appreciate it sooo much more when we went this year . I am so grateful for the Savior ! For OUR Savior ! And the knowledge we have and are able to read about and learn from His example . I LOVE Him ! with all of my being .

This year we went with some friends from school . FUN times ladies !! love you ! Thank you

Monday, April 6, 2009


Loved Conference !
It is always so very nice to LEt myself take time out and sit in front of T.V. for 2 days . Plus the ReAL upside is to HEAR and LIsTEN to the counsel of our leaders - OuR ProPHET ! Most times I take notes ... that helps me MUCH better to REtain the thoughts . It seems - i gotta BE HONEST ! some times i feel MoRE overwhelmed by the things i should be doing and aM NoT . But i love to hear the encouraging talks to KEEP Going , KeEP trying , " YOU are doing
GOOD " , stay course .
I'm just going to think of that on this Very DaY ! As I read my notes - i shall post more ... off to conquer the world , make bread , clean and organize my house , count and plan my year supply , be kinder to my friends - family and neighbors , attend the Temple (even tho it's not open today ) pray more , read my scriptures more , serve ALOT more , look for good in others , don't judge , that's just a few things for today :-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Have a ARTisT !

Ashlynn has always had a gift to be creative . And would do things here and there , BUT within the last year or so -- she has REalLY worked hard and done some studying and FUR Sure practicing her skills . Here are a few of her recent masterpieces .AMAZING ! - I think you are AMAzing ! my miss :-)
I'm proud of YOU !! And if you take this in the right direction ... and use it it well AND remember from Whom you have THIS gift - you WILL be blessed !!

She had asked for her own blog for a bit now - well - we finally set her UP . She is teaching tutorials on it . If you would like an invite ( it's private) - send me a email OR post on my comments .