Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitide Day 15

Day 15 - Grateful for the ability to do Cakes .
Today I am grateful that I have been blessed and have the opportunity to do cakes . It has been such a blessing in my life . Years ago a friend asked me to do her " wedding cake " - it pretty much freaked me out for a minute then ... I went to work on learning . I will forever be grateful for that friend ( tara ) for pushing me to the test AND Believing in me !!
Then when I was a single mom - that gift was already in place ... so I once again was blessed ... with opportunity to stay home ( except for a few times ) with my daughter . That brought me A TON of peace at a difficult time . I know the ONLY reason why I have the talent is because of my Heavenly Father . He gave me the hands , the creative mind , the desire to bake ( all the time ) , and He continues to send people my way who order cakes . Without any of blessings , it would not be possible .

For this I am GRATEFUL !


Ostlers said...

Hi Shye!
This sure is an amazing thing you have started with the gratitude days! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's post. You sure are inspirational. I wish I had done it on mine.

britta said...

i am so grateful you do cakes too! i want you to post more pictures of them. i love seeing all the fun stuff you do! when i get married can i fly you to wherever i get married to make my cake? cause i love your styles!!!!

simplyshye said...

Britta ,,,
I will go anywhere you want me to go and make you a fab cake ;-)
Promise !!