Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude Day 24

Day 24 - Laughter
I am grateful for laughing, laughter , funny things to laugh at .... and on and on .. Laughing can completely change my mood - It can make me feel so much better inside and on the outside too :-)
In this picture below -- we had family pictures at the Temple a few yrs back and Becki was trying to get Jay and I -- well ... he pulled a PDA moment - which he NEVER does - and it was even a MARRIED PDA moment - which he Never Never does ;-) ... and of course Becki just kept shooting ( which was awesome ) . I can't post the actual photo to keep this a family blog (wink-wink) but my reaction is down below too . The girls were all dying !! It was a SUPER great LAUGH !!

Then here we are getting ready - and I had just gotten the girls all ready for their photos ... you know the hair out of the face , shirt on right , earrings facing front ... the important stuff ;-) ... so they thought it would be funny to primp me . Which , of course , it was funny !!

I am grateful to laugh and be with people who make life fun !!

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John, Lisa and family said...

You've got me REALLY curious as to what kind of PDA! Love the pictures. Hilarious!