Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude Day 20

Day 20 - Good Music
I am especially grateful for good music . I love all types of music ... the only requirement I have is that it doesn't have bad words and a negative influence . But for the most part I love to listen for the different beats and hear the instruments . Music has played a major part of my life ... I have tried to sing for years , as well as I played the string bass for 9 years and electric bass . I have been in symphony's and have loved and been amazed at how the instruments could make such
beautiful music.
But I have wanted this Cd for a while now ... and couldn't wait for it to come out !!
It did ;-) Uplifting music has such power for me - as well as for my home . I play uplifting ( not just church ) music 24 hrs aday . It's in the background in
my kitchen . I am grateful for inspired and inspiring music !! And Especially those who share their talents so we can listen to them !
For this I am grateful !!

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John, Lisa and family said...

Amen to good music! Music can certainly set the tone and mood of the home, can't it? Which, then sets the tone for ME! Love your poetic gratitudes. I can see why you're going to make them into a book. P.S. Got your note in the mail. Thank you!!