Friday, November 21, 2008

Gratitude Day 21

Day 21 - Creating

I am grateful to be able to create !! I love to sit down and make something or at least try ;-) I am so glad that I live in a time that I can get paper , pretty things and fuffy things to make just stuff with ... any kind of stuff . This is my "downtime" - it's the way I can unwind , sorta relax , and then can give something to a friend or family ... or myself ( wink, wink ) I have decided to take these gratitude blogs and make them into a book --- I just downloaded the cute pages from heidi swapp ... and whaalaaa . It's pretty fun !

Here is something we made for Jay for his birth of days last year ... I had the girls tell me reasons why " We Love Our Jay " - then i printed them and made a shadow box.
Instead of doing a boring resume on regular paper -- although pink with perfume on it is great ( snaps, snaps )
I decided to do a book and this is one of the first pages . I love to do scrapbook pages -- but sometimes ... well really only once ... get a tidge carried away ... I just don't know why ...

Another scrapbook page -- using " Glitz " stuff - gotta love the bling !!
I love to CREATE -- and for this I AM grateful !!

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The Allen's said...

yeah I always imagine in my brain your stuff when I have to make something...and then. not so much. you have a talent that is why it is fun for you. cute cute cute.