Sunday, May 24, 2009

BeautiFUL BliSS BoutiQue

I had An Opportunity to Be iN A WonDErfUL Thing !!

A GreAT DeaR Friend of mine Becki ( Check Whippy Cake on my side wall ) Was DoinG a GrEAT FabuLOuS BoutiQue and SuggesTED I Do this With her ... NoT ONly That she SuggesTED I Try To Make Something NEW !!! AnD i DID !

CupCakES in A Jar :-)

Well - It WaS A SucceSS And It was A BLAST -- Pretty muCH HoTTER ThaN PooP BuT Still WAY GreaT EvENT ! Here A Few ( OuT of ORdER ) PicTuRES !

MrS ExCEllENT PhotograpHER

Our DisPlaY FridAY EvE

It WaS Fun tO DreSS Up --- For FuN-NESS


Friday, May 22, 2009

aRTS and LeTTERS Night

Here Is the MiSS With Her 1st PlACE At Arts and LeTTERS Night at FrankLin . We ArE ProuD of YoU my LoVE !! KeEP GoiNG ! KeeP TrYING ! CrEATe ! LeaRN ! Be OPeN foR NeW IdEAS ! And AlWAYS - AlWAYS - AlWAYS ..... NeVER ForGET Whom YoU HavE This TaLenT From :-)
And ExPREsS YouR GRatiTUDe DailY To Him .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

HaPPy BiRTHdaY AubrieLLa

To OuR AuBRi !!
HappY Birthday on thiS VerY DAY miSS !!!
We LOVE our Aubriella and Aubri-lula !

AuBRi has MANy Talents !! She is Going to cosmetology school And DoinG vERy Well !! She Totally kNOWs the LatEST GreaTEST Fashions ! Is kinD to People and Very Patient with Me ( Best Wicked Step MOM) When sHe is HERe .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rOcK CaNDy !

For the 6th grade science proJeCT -- Ashlynn has deCiDed to do RocK CanDY .
Yummmm -- hopeFullY ;-)
We shAlL see iF it TuRNs out ??

We addEd a liTTle bit of ColOr .
Anyone haVe SuggeSTIOns on rOck Candy ?? pLEaSE feel FrEE to Share !