Monday, January 18, 2010

skiLLS BeyonD ...

this Child and Her aRt SkiLLs -- it BLowS my MinD ! Is she not AMAZiNG ?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

sinCe DeceMbER 15th

It haS bEEn a CraZY Time . In the LasT fEW weekS roLLer CoaSTer Ride Has been the name of the gaME .

1. HaD our OldER girlS come and Bring theiR BoYS ( WeLL BoyfrieNDS ) - theY ActuaLLy came to sEE us on The 12th . We haD a BLAST and we LOVE them So vERy much !

2. Get CompletLEY CompleteLY reaDY for ChRistmAS in 10 DaYS BecaUSe i waS going to have surgerY on the 15th .

3. SurgerY for a maSS to be removED and also A biopSy on my breasT . BTW - picture below shows a little bit of blood - 4. REsultS came Back B9 ! WonderFUL newS !! BlessinG to EvERyone .

5. Try to continuE to RECoVer

6. WonderFUL husbanD takES time off work to TAke CaRe of me

7. KiDS get 2 weeKS off from school . Ashlynn Helps take CaRE of me .

8. HaVe AnothER surGerY For MoRE FemalE thinGS ... O JoYs of being a Girl :)

9. BreaST BiopsY Not healing to weLL - still in LOts of pain -- ouCHiE ouchiE

10. Went to Doc and FouND out thaT my incisioN has not closED - So BasicaLLY i now hoW a HolE in me thaT is TRyin to cloSE .

11. Try to Keep restiNG -- PAin in my BuMMmmm

12. Love MY HusbanD - he HAS gonE oVER AND BEYOND when it comes to Taking CaRe of me .

13. Love my FAmilY - My swEET aShlynn has reaLLY helpEd out alOT toO !

14 . Wish i HAd the EnerGy to CreATE or do SOMethiNG ... anythiNG ...

15 . Can'T Wait to Be done with thIs last little mile Stone of Our liVes . as I'm Sure the OthER 2 pepS living with me feeL the SaME .

JusT 15 poinTS fRom the 15th ... All Just BitS of ranDom-neSS