Thursday, February 25, 2010

PreciouS DarlING

SoOO I waKe up this moRn - Get dreSSED . And I PUt on a "NorMal" brA . Being Since I have been WEaring the surgical one For the Last 8 weekS . I'm PreTTY FLIPPIN eXcitED !!! And Here YOU Go ...

Me - " AshlYNN LOOKy I Get to WeaR a "NOrmaL" bRa !!! YeaH
AshlyNN - " moM - thaTs NOT normaL ...

Just PreCiouS --- MakES a WOmEn feeL sOOO loVED !

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

itS tiME ...

To maKE some MoRE heaLthy ChoiCES . GoNNA Juice theSE SuckERS and Do a CleanSE . The WHOLE familY is . And LittLE do theY knoW - theY are GoNNA Be ExcitED about iT !! ThaT's the ONLY choiCE thEY have -- hehe

Aren'T theY GorgEouS ?? thanks to the aLLRED GroVE for shariNG !!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

AshLyNN Got to hELp me a couplE weeks Back with a BOutiQue . Just a loW kEY nighT . I actuaLLY Didn'T reaLLY Even GiVe her a ChoiCe . But she Was a troppER to help ME LOAd and un-load all the StuFFs . We onlY did CookiES ( 100 SamplE cookiES ) and CupcakES in a Jar . BuT i wAs GrateFUl for her help .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

loVE - loVE bOOK

CuTE liTTLE ValentiNE bOOk ... just maDe for fuN !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i haVe decIdeD

thaT this YeAR ...
InstEAD of DoiNG the Usual NeW YeaRs resoluTion LiST ( that i feeL guilTY about not DoiNG or GEtting done ) I am GoiNG to Do a DifferenT liST !
This laSt weekenD jay sent me to the HiltOn to
And let me tell ya - it WORKED !!
As I was theRE i ponderED a feW thingS - and this is onE of them ! I feeL prompTED to ...
this YeaR Take AwaY . MeaninG taKE awaY thinGS i CAn't Control and the GUILT that comes with them . TAke AWAY alwAYs Puttin soOO much on myselF ! So - FOR " My LIst " ... I am GoiNG to List 10 ThinGS ( sinCE its 2010) That i feel Like i Do PreTTY ok . MeaniNg I do cakES And have been bleSSED with that gift . So I will takE my GifTS thaT i have been bleSSED with from HeaVenlY FathER - and StrETch them , i wiLL groW them , and shaRe them MORE . RAther than the usuaL - GEt in shaPe List - im DoiNG this ONe this Year . I feeL reaLLY GreAT about it !! anD at the ENd of the Day - i will Take AWAY the GuiLT and Just ... ShaRe .
HerE aRE a Few pics of my ROOm and dinnERS at the hiltoN !
( Jay May Have to kEEP this TraditioN he Has StartED ... lol - he proB doesn't Even knoW its a traditioN Yet - But BabY - youR a smaRT BoY !! )

Saturday, February 13, 2010

officiaLLY a teeNaGER

asHlyNN has turnED 13 . A TruE teenaGER - she saYS .
Here she is with her 13 laYER cakE -- ya kNow TurniNg 13 - onE muST have a 13 layER cakE .

PlayEd gamES and Had PiZZA . Then WatchED a Show . Her PartY she PlannED .

Monday, February 1, 2010

mayBE ... just a LittlE bit TMI ...

You KnoW youR husbanD is ReaLLY a gREat onE when ...

You Have HaD A surgERY and Can't Do LoTS of StuFFs .
He Cleans the Kitchen , VacumnS , dOEs Tons of LAundrY , Just gETs up AftER dinnER and CLeanS the Whole KitcheN , and manY manY moRE SupA kind THiNGs . But when He ShavES YouR arm piTS - CauSE You CAN'T reaCH theM and ITs TerriblE paiN to Try . You FiguRE he Has GOT to WIn SOME mEGA awaRD in HeaVEN !!!!