Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude Day 10

I am grateful to be a GirL !!!
Being a girl - i get to enjoy many things in life !! Pretty things to wear , to buy , to make , and to try , to have , and much prettier ways to express my inner me ! For example -- I can make pretty flower pens , fru fru stuff (which is right up my alley ) and I do believe it's just better. There are a few things that are difficult about being a girl -- not to mention pushing a child that is 8 pounds from the female organs of my body .... RRR...rrrr !
But to be a girl I am grateful for !!

If I was a boy -- I would have to try and seem interested in things like these ... just really not as great !! ;-) -- plus there's other things that are dirty ... ewww

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