Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Having YOUR cake and eating it TOO

Well - I'm not much of a cake eater -- since I pretty much make them all the time BUT I have to tell you about THIS cake . It is from Claim Jumper - we went a bit back and I saw this HUGE cake that I wanted to try so bad and see how they made it - so anywho - I did AND it is to die for !! It is 7 layers of chocolate cake, choc chips, choc frosting , etc. etc. AND it just looks soooo pretty - that was what attracted me first to it . So - anyways - - If you want to HAVE your CAKE AND eat it .. and EAT it .. And eat it .. too - you should fur sure have one of these :-)
They also have it in the freezer section at fart and sminal ... Deeeelish !!!


The Allen's said...

you know that sounds just like something i MIGHT enjoy..I don't know for sure. ;)isaac slept with that feather flower pen last night...after he depenned it of course. thanks for it. :)

Jonnie said...

The MotherLoad! It's one of my favorites...and I had no idea you could buy them at smart and final! good to know! Thanks!

Sarah S. Foote said...

That so looks like a piece of heaven to me! Love ya!