Monday, December 29, 2008

there are just no right words for these

Thank you Zane !! to check out his work - go to
Also - he has more of our pics under
tutus and bowties

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas Morning

Morning can come so early - but crazy as it may sound this year ... we didn't rise till bout 7:30 - which is late for me , usually I'm the one to wake everyone up ( it could have been the major crash and night-night for shye the night before) But - anywho - the morning was great ! Santa found us - as he always does . And even though sometimes our children are at different homes for different years he knows all those things -
that's what I tell the girls ;-)
Jaylen and Ashlynn got Cameras
Ashley is getting the " grown up " stuff for her dorm and home ... for the future :-)
miss Aubri with her black stuff she loves so :-)

Ashlynn is ALL about the naruto stuff and this is from her sisters - which she freaked !!

This is a book we made for dad about why we like / love / admire / care for / him . He's getting to really like those kinds of gifts !

Then the very last gift was one to Jay from Me - it's the gifts from the heart and gifts to others that really help to bring the spirit of Christmas back to Christ . I am grateful for the last few moments of Christmas morning when it was quiet and the letter was read and there were tears in the room by many . I am grateful dad liked his gift and I am grateful to 5 sweet girls who sat and waited and listened and learned patiently . THANK YOU ! What a wonderful memory and happy Christmas (for the most part - right girls ??)
we had this year .
We hope everyone of your families had that as well !!
Lots of LOVE !

Christmas Eve

" Open a Gift "-- you say - WOW - what a surprise !!
Jammie's -- who'd thunk ??

Especially a surprise for the 2 older elves to help on Christmas this year :-)
( thanks my darlings !! )

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Concerts

In the month of December with school , ashlynn had 2 concerts . One orchestra - she plays the viola - which is named miss. lola - and then the choir concert . Here are a few photos of the fabulous events !!

And BTW !!!! She is 1st chair viola - which she was excited ...

Here she is with her dad and grandma allred - which she loves both very much !!

This was right before the choir concert - mom was sick and went back to bed :-( - so I had to miss it ... but I know and heard she did GREAT !

Thursday, December 18, 2008

O Christmas Tree - O Christmas Tree ...

How lovely are your branches .... O wait - we don't want to see branches , we want to see lights , and purple , and decorations, and bling , and ornaments , and lights , and purple !!
Here is the before .

K - these are out of order Rrrr... -- the After
and this is the During

I think I REALLY need to have my next fav thing of a tree next year ... hmmmm .
Bet no one can guess - hehe

Hope everyone is having a wonderful month !!


Just if you were wondering -- they did find my brain ;-)
And - Yes - it is fine . All the parts are working - at least most of the times .
There is a little cyst on some sinus somewhere and I need to go see a ENT - then I'm doing some pre-vent stuff for migraines and some therapy stuff ... but ya .
It will all be fine someday .

Friday, December 12, 2008

To post OR not to post ??

Wondered if I should post this silly info -- then I remember I'm doing this blog for a book at the end of the year ... So I shall post .
Since this has been taking up my november and december.
I have been really dizzy for the last 3-4 weeks - since I have had vertigo before - that's what I thought it was , but it wasn't going away. Rrrr... - Then about 12 days ago started with a stinkin migraine , that is STILL here !! The level of pain comes and goes - but it's still hanging on .
I went to the doc and he ordered a MRI and to see a neurologist . Welp - I had the MRI yesterday --- AND LET ME TELL YOU -- if you didn't have a head ache going in , you SURELY will have one coming out of the machine . It is so so so LOUD !
I was a bit nervous and got sick to my stomach after .
But as Ashlynn said -- " mom i'm glad your tackling your fears " -- she meant about going into the machine .
So - anywho - here i am with a 10 day old migraine .
Wannnnnnaaa be done !

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Thanksgiving this year was really laid back -- we just got together with family and basically ATE !

These are Ashlynns turkey cookies she made ;-)

So - here is our turkey we made . O M W -- I did a brine (sp?) on this the night before then put it in the roaster for bout 7 hrs. I have NEVER Never had a turkey that was so moist and good - for days !! We did NOT even use a butter knife - much less an electric one . We used a fork to pull the meat off - this is the picture of the breast and it come off in one big piece. This is pretty much the way we will make turkey in this house for the rest of ever ;-)

Cousins havin a bit of dessert

3 of the 5 Petersen boys with the Mom and Dad

Turkey ? Anyone ??

All in all - a great Thanksgiving had by everyone !!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary !!
Who'd thought life could be so crazy , good , hard , funny , challenging , fun ? Did I mention challenging ?? Anyways - Jay and I had our anniv Dec 1st .
7 Ways I Love Jay ... Here's to you babe - cause I know how you love attention ( NOT )
1. - You are HOnest !
2. The BEST worker bee i've ever known or seen ;-)
3. You got dance moves babe -- like no other ... ( and those fortunate few who have witnessed it feel pretty dang lucky !! )
4. You always , always -- did I mention always GIVE . That's one of the very first things I noticed about you years ago ... to the man on the side of the street , you give ! Thanks always for that WONDERFUL example .
5. You love your scriptures and read them way more oft than I do ( way )
6. You are a great father and are always willing to learn more bout girly things and open to ideas even though I'm sure they are so UN-necessary and frivolous .
7. You love and honor Your Heavenly Father and Savior . They come first and that is very much a character trait I am drawn to you for .
I love you Jay Petersen !! - Thank you for loving me back !!

So - here is my gift !!! I freaked out !! LOVE IT LOVE IT !! Look at all those power tools . Rooaar !! Can't wait to use them . We had one drill (well - I pretty much bought if for myself ) -- but now look at all of these . Now - all I need to do is glue a bit of bling on and bring out my boas , so they will all match my hammer ;-)

So totally AWESOME !!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gratitude - Day 30

Day 30 - The Atonement
Today I am grateful for the Atonement because of the Savior . Without the opportunity to forgive and be forgiven none of these things we do , or become , or are ... would even matter - because we would not be able to return home and live with our Heavenly Father again . I am so grateful that I can make mistakes and still have some hope for the future .
I have a bit of mixed emotions today - being the last day of November and this being the last post for my " November Gratitude Log ." All of the other posts have been in no particular order - except for this one - I saved this for last because if there was no atonement , all of the other things would be in vein . I am so grateful for this Act of Love from my elder brother Jesus Christ and a loving Heavenly Father . I will FOREVER and FOREVER be
grateful and humbled !
Thank you very much to all of you who shared your gratitude logs along with all of us ;-) - it was a pleasure to read and share - thank you - I am grateful to YOU , because YOU help to motivate me .