Thursday, July 17, 2008

K - well I'm STILL trying to get the posting in order thingee figured out !! Rrrr..... the next post goes before this one - O well... Here is some more of Ashlynn -- in one of these Jay looks like he decided he better hold on !

Then we have the traditional ball game in the back -- The adults play too ... annnndddd ... since I'm such the athletic type - Jay and almost always win .. hehe NOT ! Sorry for your team mate babe . But I did hit this year and pretty much did a cheer for myself !

4th of July

Here we all are getting ready to watch the fireworks right from the front yard. GREAT SEATS !! It's fabulous to not have to drive any place - just right there in Grandma and Grandpa Kays front yard ! And ... it's nice and cool -- who could ask for more :-)

Also - Ashlynn learned how to drive the quad !! There's more pics of her going up some hills -- I'll get those in too ! Wheewww hooo ! Go Girl !!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's Go GNO

Girls Night out !!

A MUST ! We all went to love garden and then went to friends to play games ( which I'm so good at .... it's always so good to be picked first -- NOT -- wink, wink ) But anywho - no hard feelings ... hehe. So we just had a fun time - we laughed and ate and laughed . Really what more could a gal want ? Super Fun - Thanks for the invite everyone ! We shall plan that again SOON !

New Braces

What a gal ! Ashlynn did such a fab job just sitting there and trying to be patient ! So here we go down the road of dentist appt's for the next 2'ish years or so :-) .... Smile !