Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gratitude - Day 6

Day 6 - WORK

I am grateful for work ! And I don't just mean work/ job ... Which I am grateful for too. But I mean the idea concept to work. When we work - We learn more about ourselves... We learn more about our talents ... We learn more about what we are really made of ... We learn more about others and how to help and serve ... It helps soooo very much our confidence and self-esteem !!

Whether it's cleaning the house , mowing the lawn, helping someone move , clocking in at a job ... it is always a Way better way to live - Work - Work - Work . It helps you sleep better at night ;-) and helps ME feel like I have accomplished and made a tidge of a difference .

I am grateful to be able to WORK !


Barnes Blog said...

I am really glad that you started this, it i nice to sit and figure out what I am grateful for, it helps me realize how blessed we really are. Thanks Shye.

simplyshye said...

Thanks Keara ,,,
I'm so glad you are doing it ! It's really fun and I look forward to seeing other posts on this idea too . Thanks -- loves ;-)