Saturday, June 20, 2009

loVE to Cre-ATE !

Im A MaJOR Heidi SwaPP LoVER !
EVerythiNG her PuTS ouT I GoTTA almoST have or Try and MakE !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

o NO --- jr High Here We CoME ;)

LaST Day oF SchOOL pics !
WHat a SuPER FAb way to End the Year ... the 6th GraDE science Fair was ALL Day the Day BefORE ...

TheN thE NeXT Morn it WaS oFF to BrimhaLL Jr High for the Swim Party -- LoTS and LoTS of 6th Grade Kids !
IT WaS fun too Be Able to To Go - I LoVED it - The KiDDOs LoVED it ... and to Be HonEST - It WaS pERFECT WeathER !!
PiZZA - Swim - TrEATS -- WhaT moRE cOUlD a 6TH graDER Want ( or ANy GrADER fOR thaT maTTER )

I AcTAULLY mySeLF weNT SwiMMing -- iT wAS FUN ! SiNCE i WorK arOUND the 6TH GraDE - ThEy HaD a GrEAT time WatCHING mE Make A CRAZY fOOL of MYsELF - I WeNT DOwn the SliDES and --- OOO - CRAZYilY JumpED ofF the HIGH DIVE ( SCEAMING i MIghT aDD -- I AM tERRIfiED of heights )
BuT asHLYNN hAD a GrEAT day - Which is WHAT MATTERS ;-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009