Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ResT in PEaCE ... GrandpA MArVin

You Will Be miSSEd ...
MarVin Don PeTErsen
AuguSt 4 1937 - MArch 26 2010

thank You FOr RAising an AmaZIng Son That I gOt to MarrY !

Monday, March 15, 2010

this Man ...

i lovE this Man ... I lovE SundaYs ... i LoVE to FaSt ... aNd moRE impoRTaNTlY i LoVE that thiS man wiLL faST with ME . i Love iT !

plEEZE pleZZZE just Dip Me and kiSS me LiKE theY do in the moVIEs ... i knOW FURE suRE thaT wAS my plEA right thERE ! CauSE thaT is oFT my plEA ...

this oNE maY be a liTTLe PG (mArriED) ratEd ... oh weLL - i jusT goTTA have Fun And EmbarreSS the HEck out of him in fronT of Our GirLS . ItS my joB !!!

Did I menTion How handsoME he is tOO . And wheN he Follows the SpiriT ... he is Hot BEyoND this WorlD !!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BurST of EnerGY

GOOd ByE GrEAT Bush ... Come Back sOON :-)
I Should of Got The FirST pictuRE - This coverED the whiTE lattiCE , but itS Was All GreeN - its just the under paRt that Is Old . i CouLdn'T Stand it AnymoRE !

Come Back For Spring !

Thursday, March 4, 2010

SteP 2 of lemonS

HERE is the LemoN juiCE in BaGs ... and I sTILL have moRE to JuiCE . KinDA feelS Like a TeenY tiny BiT organiZED