Monday, January 30, 2012

TiME FLiES ...

CRaZY HoW i WalkED Down the HALL To This TeeNAGE GiRL ,,, Who WE LOVe That Is GRowIng UP To Be So LOvIng And GIvinG and TalenTEd and MakinG Such GREaT DeCiSionS and Loving uS ALong the WAY ...

When whaT seemED was 2 minuTES Ago I WaS Rock-A-BYinG ThiS SwEET LiTTLe ThinG ! YES - she STiLL TRiES To SiT in My LAP - and i ProBabLY WiLL ALWAYS LeT HER --- BuT ThiS i GuaranTEEEEee - I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THIS BABY GirL - FOR THIS SHE wiLL ALWAYS BE !!

ShE juST TurnED 15 !!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

HiGH SchOoL ... When DoES THAT HaPPEN ??

9th GraDE !!

Had Some PiCS TakEN By OuR FAV ZANE --- WE LOVE HiM !!

Monday, January 9, 2012

new YeeeeaR !!

OkEY DoKeY ... I aM MoTIvaTed By My 2 SweeT OldeSt GirLS . Im Gonna Be a BETTA BLoGGER THIS YeaR ! i AinT Gonna Back To WhatS Been Gonna On ,,, JuST GoinG ForwaRD :)
JaY is GooD -- HOT ARE EVER !! LoVE HIS GuTS OuT - HEs SupEr NiCe To ME !!

AshlyNN is SupER Good KiD - She DecIDED To ... ON HER OWN i will ADD -- ThaT She NEEDs To BE P.E. in her SCheduLe , So since She Doesn'T REALLY NEED ART . She is GoING To taKE maTH LaB annd PE insteaD oF ART . That KiD maKES me PROUD !

Me - I Soo- sOO - Ive hAd BettEr Years , JaY and I Decided this week iTs Time FoR a 3rd NueroloGiST ! caLLed this morn . We will See What That Brings . We Just GEt UP , PRAY and Go DO . What Other OPTion is there ? this the ONE iVe ALWAYS UseD -- iTS Worked PreTTY GREAT THuS FAR :) - - - HAPPY DaY FRiendS !!! XoxxOo