Friday, August 29, 2008

Heidi Swapp - Love it !!

Gotta LOVE Heidi Swapp stuff !!
I love her style and designs -- well -- and pretty much her - she is just her and I love it !
Well - this is for you Misha -- finally I got this book done . Took the class -- oooo -- just in the beginning of the summer and now it's finally sorta done . Anywho -- turned out cute ! Really it's Heidi Swapp - there's no other way for it turn out ;-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Camp Pics :-)

The hike -- well they let me go on another like this year .... I don't want to mention any names -- but a few years back there were 2 leaders who took some girls on the "friendship loop" and pretty much missed half the hike .. Hmmmm

But no one got lost this year :-)

I think these two think they have done something great !! Wonder really ??

Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

These are the women I was lucky enough to work with . I always feel so blessed every year to be invited back to camp and THEN super blessed to be able to rub shoulders with these gals. Stake Staff ROCKS !!
As you can tell we are all mature responsible adult women !!!
This is me and my Sherri -- we are the camp spirit gals !! And I tell you we act like we are crazy ! This year with the theme we took kinda the idea --- That if we can IMAGINE it - We CAN do it and YOU can Too !!! So therefor - we took # 10 cans and used those as our "cans" -- you know for the restroom ?? Anywho - we took the twist on it and called ourselves " Your Can Do Girls " .... We judged the cheers, capers, lip sync, mission impossible, etc.etc. As always Sherri and I have a BLAST and just laugh pretty much the whole time . As with the rest of the staff. It doesn't matter that we go to bed every night after 2:00 or hike during the day and do cheers with formations (i might add) --- we are ready for a great time !! Everyone goes over and beyond to make it a wonderful experience for the girls. I am always impressed every year with these ladies and the love they have for the young women in our stake . It always builds my testimony to see the testimony of others ... I feel super the most blessed from camp , even though when I come home I can't really even remember my own name or ya know important stuff for a few days till I catch up on sleep :-)
This was taken from the night of the silent hike . At the very end of the hike - we all went down to the sacred grove and this was to represent the "Tree of Life" . BEEAAAUUTIFUL !! This tree had little white gifts on it and it was an amazing sight in the pitch black dark woods. As always Jane , Jeannie and Julie do fab on the firesides - this year with tons of help from Jen. AMAZing girls - thanks for sharing your wonderful talents !!
This year at camp the theme was "IMAGINE" - there were alot of ways that leaders took this . It was totally awesome to see the creativeness of everyone ! Kinda the idea was to have the girls imagine themselves as - Daughters of God , Seeing themselves in the Celestial Kingdom , Marrying Righteous Men , Having Hope , Seeing the Savior . You get the idea - it was a super theme ! The scripture was Alma 5:16 -- " Can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord , saying unto you in that day : Come unto me ye blessed, for behold , your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth ?"

Summer Fun at the Ranch !

Usually in the summer Ashlynn and I are lucky enough to get invited to the ranch of some really good friends of ours. It is up north and cool - the kids have alot of fun all day just exploring outside.. and did I mention it is ALOT cooler up there than down here in the middle of july ?? Heres a few pics of the kids and all of us just chillin and playin and eatin and stuff .