Monday, December 28, 2009


CupCakES in a Jar
... by shye
TheSe aRE one oF the nEW thiNGs i have maDe up To seLL and it's bEEn going GREAT ! i Sell them at boutiquES and dO ordERs for them - during the holidAY Week i HaD ordERs Of up arouNd 100 ... Which Was SUCH A blessiNG and So VerY wonderFUL !
ThankS to my WonderFUL BECki FOr her heLP in this CreaTion --- loVE YOU !
TheSE aRE fiLLED with loTS of yummy-neSS and YOu JUST OPEN anD eAT Right ouT of the JAr . VErY eaSY and No Baking for you :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

mY BirThDAy ...

HeRE is the CutE liTTLe Cake / BreaKfaST That I had When i camE Down the haLL the morning of my Day . My SwEET DAughtER got up And Got it ReaDY for me .

Then Here is the AMAZING BirthDAy cakE my DeaR friEND WendY maDe for me ... DiD i menTion AMAZING !!!!

Then That niGHT We Went to CheeSecakE FactoRY for DinnERS WiTh CaroLyn and AlySSa . Fun Night ! So BasicaLLY i Had 3 diFFerenT Cake / DeSSertS that Day ... WhoOHooo ... liKe i Even neeDEd them ? hmmmmm

Sunday, November 8, 2009

bliSS-FEST / FaLL 2009

I Was LuckY EnouGH to Be in the BliSS-FesT aGain for faLL . HerE are a Few Pics form Fri NighT ! SupER Fun TimE -- AshlYnn EvEn Came to haNg out with Becki ANd I . It was grEAT timES ;-)

My liTTLe ArtiST at WOrk

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soo ProuD of HER !!

DuRiNg FaLL BrEAk from School AshlYNN organiZEd to Teach a Art cLaSS . She Sent out inVitES aND maDe a ClaSS SchedulE . She haD 6 studEntS and it Was GreAT FUN ! She wAS JusT DoiNG somethiNG thaT she LOVES !! and I wAS So ProuD Of hER ;-)
GReAT joB liTTle miSS !!!

The Plan is To Do it AgaIN NoV 11th . The agES aRe from 10 -14 . If You interESTeD LEt us Know . It Will be FoR abouT 2 Hrs and the CosT is $12.00 ( incluDES noteBOOkS and PiZZA lunch ) YuMmmmY !

Thursday, September 17, 2009

insPiREd bY caKE ...

WeLL - juST caUSe we ThouGHT it miGHt be FUN and CauSE i'M old Enough To DeCide . I ActuALLy haD picTuRES of ME - yep JusT mE - Not ThE WholE Fam - No SpeCiAL oCCasioN - Not A WEdding .... Just CauSE ;-)
I HaD this CAke aND MajoRED it Out anD caLLeD ZanE ! Of courSE ;-)
Anywho - We FouND a PeRFeCT loCAtion AND stArTEd ShOOTing AwaY . It Was FUN !! ZaNE Can MAke ANYthinG or ANyone LooK MarvELouS !!!
So HERE aRe a FEW of Them - kiNDa CraZY .

Monday, September 14, 2009

BeautiFUL proJecT

Fun CuTe BOX MaDe from CreaTiVE EscAPE ... I Am finaLLY sTARting to Get theSE thinGS done ;-)

InSiDE this Box Are all oF thESE cuTE liTTle BOOks - Not Sure WhaT I'm goiNG to Put it in Them - BUt pRETTY much LOVE the PaPeR --- i BeT you'LL neVER guESS whY !!!

The Front of The Box - So PreTTY ;-0

Saturday, September 5, 2009

CreaTiVE EsCape 2009

IHaVe aLWAYS WANTed to Go To CE ... It'S a LoNg WEEKenD ThaT laDies from aLL oVEr EverYwhERE Get TogEThER and TakE ClaSSEs and Scrap . WeLL - It'S alWAys BeeN hERE in Az . ThiS YeaR it WaS aT wilDHorSE PASS ....
I WaS asKED to Help By GlitZ dEsigN with a MAke-and-Take . DREAMS DO come TruE !!!
Anywho - I EndED up goiNG on THurS and WaS thERE For Bout 10 Hrs . Down Below Is the pAge I HELpED GaLS to Make . ( it's The PurplE one ) I MEET so MAnY NiCE wonDERfUL nEW lADIES . I TeLL yA whaT - it WaS a AMAZing - I LOVED eVERY sinGLE Second of it !
TheN on Sat We WEnt back and Did AnotheR While LadIES WERE in the Shop too .

iS this Not The CutEST paGE ?? GinGER from GLiTZ deSign did it . TheY aRE on My siDE baR to SeE how MANy othER AMAZiNG nEW thinGS theY haVE . ThEY have liKE 5 nEW lines out RIght now anD I am SOoOo LOVIn them :-)

A SupER SwEET laDY GavE me an ExtrA chaRM she Had Made . I ALmosT sTarTing BAWLING !! CauSE it WaS So DarliNG and WaYY to Kind - I WILL havE it ForEVER .

ThEN ... Of COurSE i HAD To GET me some LOOT . StuFF you CAn ONLY get aT CE -- ThoSE ZebRA thinGS are JAMMIE panTS -- ohHHh - AnyothER BetTER DesiNG ? NopE - noT in MY worLD ! AnD thiS is An Apron - So CuTE ! ThEN the BaG belOW has ButtonS on it . EvERY yEaR the TeaChERS ( HeidI SwaPP - TiM HolTZ and The ReST of the AMAMZing TEachERS ) CreATE thiER own BuTTOns anD i HAve EyED thESE for YeARS . So I GoT juST a Few .... OnlY likE 25 !! heHE

HopeFULLy If i MinD my P'S anD Q'S I MighT Get to gO nExT yeaR ;-)
AhHHhhhh .... DreaM

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I WaS RuSHED on MY WAy Out the DoOR to WOrk and DidN't have time to COmpleTELy ChaNge my shEETs and MAke my Bed ... WeLL i Walked into my Room and it WaS aLmost likE theRE wAs a LaDy in the ChaIr on the OtheR side of the rOOM .
GuESS You CouLD Say I Have a FeTTTTish With MY piLLOWs
( The PLace I Lay mY HEAD ) oN the FLOOR !! YucKY - ThEY Get GermS on 'Em ;-)
Oh- WeLL - just A FuNY Sight TO See .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"Don't worry about what others think of you.
Worry about what others think about themselves when they are with you."
Love this QuoTE -- ShaRED it With A FrieND ;-)
ThanKS KiM !

Sunday, August 16, 2009

girlS Camp 2009

As AlWAYs Camp Was WonderFUL this YEAR AGAin ! I feeL so LUCKy to get an inviTatION each yeAR .
The Theme wAS SparKLE GLiTTEr Shine .

thE CutEST Young Women !! 5th WarD

EveN edWaRD MAde A showing AnD wanteD piCS with LotS of GirlS ...

The PrIEsthOOD reaLLY makEs a HUGe EffoRT to Try -- theY are SUCH gOOD SpoRTS !

KitCHen CreW harDLY eVER sAT Down - so ThiS is A SighT . ThEY WorkED thiER BuMMS oFF . Check out OuR SPreAD Right BeloW this PictuRE !

LoVE -- loVE -- LOVe thESE ladIES I Get To Rub ShoulDERS with . EvERY YeaR I AM in AWE of How KinD and LOvinG And SwEET theY are To me ;-) -- so LuckY to HavE Such MarVELOuS aMAZing WomEN i Know and LOve in my liFE .

Then ThERE is the The CRAZY ShERRI and Shye Combo ... I knoW cRAZY-nESS . BUT the CUTeST outfiTS you EvER did See -- thankS to SherRIs maD SkiLLS !

EvERy nigHT We WouLD do A ROutine , So the ShinE FariRIES couLD gET thiER winGS !

LiKE I SaID ... LoVE thESE LAdIES - GrEAT FrieNDS !!!!

SoRRY pRIesThOOD - You DiD do GREAT in YOUR chEER off - BUT - The StaKE StAFF WON !! SeRIouS - who Can do BetTER than JANES SPliTS ?