Monday, November 3, 2008

Gratitude - Day 3

Day 3 - A Home
A Home - A House - but not just that ... shelter from the outside , safety , a place where friends and family are welcome , a home to have and make memories in . A home where we can have Relief Society meetings , Young Men's Activities , family gatherings , holidays , plenty of space for people to stay a night or two , parties , swim days , family home evening , work days , resting movie days , baking days for holidays , a home to hang my pictures of Christ ! Which I only have like 15 or 50 ;-)
I am especially grateful for a HOME !

Then there of course the silly - frilly things I love in my home to :-)
Our letter P for Petersen
(with of course has - leopard and a princess crown)
Jay just HAD to have those 2 things on it ...
My Feather wreath and the fav corner of my house - where I sit anytime I sit down.

Candy Anyone ? The candy jars that really don't get updated candy in them very often .Oops

A Wonderful phrase to live by !!
Which is in my purple/ plum room that I love .

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Marily said...

You do have a welcoming home and I appreciate all of the times that you have welcomed me and my family there. Love you!