Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gratitude - Day 5

Day 5 - Family

I am grateful to family ! Families come in all shapes and sizes ... Family doesn't just have to be blood relatives .. for example - we have many very close friends and we call them family - we go to their family parties and support each other like family . And that works just Great for all of us ;-)
We are really all in all = one BIG family together anyways .

But I am grateful to my family of the 7 of us ... I am grateful that Ashlynn was able to come into my life after years of hoping and trying . She was and is my little miss that helped me to "keep getting up" for many hard years !
Then came into our lives was Jay - what a great man he is and an example to me of so many great things ! He's WAY better at patience and being nice and kind to others than me - big time ! I am grateful to HIM that he continues to love and support me in my drama states of life and the fits ... and sometimes dumb things I do .
Then there's my Ashley, Aubriella , Jaylen Marie and Carly Sue ... Wow ! Little did they know that Thanksgiving they would have a "wicked step-mom" . All of them have been incredibly patient with me since I haven't really been a wicked step mom before ;-) -- so I am trying to learn and hopefully improving . They are way more loving and accepting of me than I deserve most days . For that I will forever be grateful !!

I am just grateful to have many people in my life I call FAMILY !

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