Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gratitude - Day 2

Day 2 - Health

I am grateful to - for the most part - to be healthy and more importantly that my children are healthy. As I thought of my list these last few weeks , I knew I wanted to do health today - and a little ironic that I was in urgent care today and thank goodness only have bronchitis. But what that did help me realize is that we are NOT there too often . We are a family that can run and walk and jump and laugh and so many others things that we take for granted. I am grateful to be healthy. AND I am also grateful to the men and women who go to school for years and spend tons of money as well as are away from their family and friends to learn - SO that they can help us when we are sick or have a disease . I applaud them !

We did earlier this year have a yucky run-in with Hives . We HATE Hives over here !! We are still battling them and trying to get/keep them under control with the help of meds and "those men and women" - but it was scary there for a while. Here's a picture of Ashlynn in the emergency room because of them . She had a really hard time breathing - so it was Time To GO . This has been going on since March'ish or so and there are better days then others. BUT - still how grateful I am - that my family and myself are still Healthy !

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