Sunday, April 19, 2009

ReaDY - SeT .... GrOW

Here is OUR very - Very Small Garden . Follow the Prophet ... Follow the Prophet
Last year we tried too , but didn't have it in the right area , so we had to shake it up a bit and do a bit of moving . Here's to our garden this year ! Whooo whooot !

Water and Water aND GROW !


Ashleigh and Zebb said...

Zebb just finished planting ours over the weekend...ours was out of control last year so we're hoping for the same out come, only last year our strawberries didn't make it cuz we planted it next to the squash and the squash covered them and they died :(

Kasha said...

You are so awesome! I have quite a bit of land out here. I need to get on my garden! Good job! Jammies actually came out clean! Miracle of miracles!

Cori Carpenter said...

That's great!! We definitely need to get one started...Thanks for the motivation!!

manga-artist said...

the dirt felt good on my feet!