Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friends and Easter Pageant

A few years back Ashlynn and I were in the Easter Pageant - we LOvED it ! She had begged for years to try out - well , finally i decided she was probably old enough to do the late practices till 10:00 on school nights . So - we tried and O BoY !!! - we are so glad we did ! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such an AmAZING event ! After many practices and devotionals and REalLY JUST being around these wonderful directors and crew . Our Testimonies GREW ! It was an experience that I will forEVER remember and cherish !

Fun with cast and our family back stage .
Cousins who came to support
More friends who came to support

Well , having had this experience and being fortunate enough to be in the pageant that year with hundreds of people and crew working on this event . It MAJORLY helped me to appreciate it sooo much more when we went this year . I am so grateful for the Savior ! For OUR Savior ! And the knowledge we have and are able to read about and learn from His example . I LOVE Him ! with all of my being .

This year we went with some friends from school . FUN times ladies !! love you ! Thank you


T and T Brunson said...

The pagent was so much fun! I loved going with you and Carol! Thanks for a great evening.

The Burnhams said...

Oh, good times! I appreciate the pageant so much more too now that we know "the behind the scenes" stuff. I miss being that up close and personal with the whole thing...it strengthened my testimony so much.
Love, Karlie

Trina said...

i think i forgot to tell you that i want an invite to ashlynn's blog. she has so much talent!

manga-artist said...

IT was fun going with those guys!