Monday, April 6, 2009


Loved Conference !
It is always so very nice to LEt myself take time out and sit in front of T.V. for 2 days . Plus the ReAL upside is to HEAR and LIsTEN to the counsel of our leaders - OuR ProPHET ! Most times I take notes ... that helps me MUCH better to REtain the thoughts . It seems - i gotta BE HONEST ! some times i feel MoRE overwhelmed by the things i should be doing and aM NoT . But i love to hear the encouraging talks to KEEP Going , KeEP trying , " YOU are doing
GOOD " , stay course .
I'm just going to think of that on this Very DaY ! As I read my notes - i shall post more ... off to conquer the world , make bread , clean and organize my house , count and plan my year supply , be kinder to my friends - family and neighbors , attend the Temple (even tho it's not open today ) pray more , read my scriptures more , serve ALOT more , look for good in others , don't judge , that's just a few things for today :-)


John, Lisa and family said...

I agree...good things said this weekend to rejuvinate the soul!

Kasha said...

It's funny to hear you think of ways to improve yourself. I try to be just a smidgent like you and consider that a huge upgrade. You already do all of those things!