Monday, April 27, 2009

beautiFUL daY

Today is a beautiFUL day ! love these over cast ones
Here are the roses Ashlynn picked for me one day in our backyard . To cute she got a basket and picked them , then we learned how to trim them and vASE them ;-)
Thanks miss !


Sarah S. Foote said...

Beautiful is the perfect word to describe it.
Love you!

Lauren said...

Ooo! Such pretty flowers. And what a cute girl!

Today really was such a lovely day outside.

lil mama said...

I missed it because I was in bed all day with the stomach flu! Good thing you were able to enjoy it:)

Mike and Deb said...

those are so pretty, isn't it just so neat when our girls think to do sweet things??? I just love it!

Kasha said...

Have you always had a green thumb ? Is it something I can learn because Josh wants to plant a garden and I just want to be good at it. How do you get to be so good at it?