Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter Sunday
Today after church - we tried a few NEW different things in our home . Since Ashlynn is older - she gets to help with things - so we had her hide the eggs and Jay and I went to find them ( who says kids only get to find eggs? )
Anyhwo - these are NOT regular Easter eggs with candy . They come with a story and symbols of Christs Life . There are 12 all together and when you open them they have something with regards to the Resurrection . There is ALSO a scripture that goes with . So we found the eggs and Ashlynn got to read all the wonderFUL things ;-)

Then this year I gave this child a "EMPTY" Box / Gift with my testimony in it written to her about my love for Christ and the Resurrection and the Atonement !

Of course this morning we had the Easter Bunny find us as well - she was glad to FINaLLy find the last egg .

Jay-Dad even gots a treat !

All - in all it was a wonderFUL Easter Sunday . I am especially grateFUL for this day. I am grateFUL to a Loving Heavenly Father and a AmAZING Elder Brother - Jesus Christ .


Kim Skinner said...

What a cute mom you are! And I love how you used vinyl lettering on your spiritual easter eggs. Tooc cute.

Zane said...

What a great idea for the scripture eggs! I'm definitely going to do that next year!


John, Lisa and family said...

We just made these for Activity Days last week! Love the idea of hiding them though, and having to go look for them one at a time! Great idea!~

MishaLee said...

I love that my son has such an awesome primary teacher that as we walked home from church he told me all about how the bad boys spit on Jesus and 'played games in front of him' (cast lots) and that Jesus died for us and he loves Jesus very much! He listens Shye! Thank you for those Easter memorites.

Kasha said...

You know I am ashamed to say that at the end of Easter Sunday I felt like it wasn't that different from every other Sunday. I am jealous of your profound idea and creativity to make sure the real meaning of Easter was the focus of your day. Way to go!

simplyshye said...

misha !!!
booohooo -- im so glad he listened ! boo hooo hooo -- we did the eggs in class after the lesson . they were ALL so sweet and did such a GREAT job !! boohooohoo - im so bawling ! they listened !! yeah !
Thank You Thank YOU !!!