Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary !!
Who'd thought life could be so crazy , good , hard , funny , challenging , fun ? Did I mention challenging ?? Anyways - Jay and I had our anniv Dec 1st .
7 Ways I Love Jay ... Here's to you babe - cause I know how you love attention ( NOT )
1. - You are HOnest !
2. The BEST worker bee i've ever known or seen ;-)
3. You got dance moves babe -- like no other ... ( and those fortunate few who have witnessed it feel pretty dang lucky !! )
4. You always , always -- did I mention always GIVE . That's one of the very first things I noticed about you years ago ... to the man on the side of the street , you give ! Thanks always for that WONDERFUL example .
5. You love your scriptures and read them way more oft than I do ( way )
6. You are a great father and are always willing to learn more bout girly things and open to ideas even though I'm sure they are so UN-necessary and frivolous .
7. You love and honor Your Heavenly Father and Savior . They come first and that is very much a character trait I am drawn to you for .
I love you Jay Petersen !! - Thank you for loving me back !!

So - here is my gift !!! I freaked out !! LOVE IT LOVE IT !! Look at all those power tools . Rooaar !! Can't wait to use them . We had one drill (well - I pretty much bought if for myself ) -- but now look at all of these . Now - all I need to do is glue a bit of bling on and bring out my boas , so they will all match my hammer ;-)

So totally AWESOME !!


Ashleigh and Zebb said...

happy anniversary girl!! im glad i stumbled onto your blog. so we can keep in touch a little better...

by the way this is Ashleigh "south" from the ol' 3 fountains ward...

Tracy said...

Yeah....CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are such a great couple and so much fun to be around! I hope you have many many more wonderful years together!


Bowman Family said...

That's why you were at the temple that night... I knew you looked happier than usual. :-)

I can't wait to see your blinged out drill when you are finished with it. You are so cute!

Love ya!
meg :-)