Friday, December 12, 2008

To post OR not to post ??

Wondered if I should post this silly info -- then I remember I'm doing this blog for a book at the end of the year ... So I shall post .
Since this has been taking up my november and december.
I have been really dizzy for the last 3-4 weeks - since I have had vertigo before - that's what I thought it was , but it wasn't going away. Rrrr... - Then about 12 days ago started with a stinkin migraine , that is STILL here !! The level of pain comes and goes - but it's still hanging on .
I went to the doc and he ordered a MRI and to see a neurologist . Welp - I had the MRI yesterday --- AND LET ME TELL YOU -- if you didn't have a head ache going in , you SURELY will have one coming out of the machine . It is so so so LOUD !
I was a bit nervous and got sick to my stomach after .
But as Ashlynn said -- " mom i'm glad your tackling your fears " -- she meant about going into the machine .
So - anywho - here i am with a 10 day old migraine .
Wannnnnnaaa be done !


The Allen's said...

so did you already get the results back or are you still waiting?? hope it goes away soon. Ashlynn is so cute.

Ostlers said...

Shye, I am so sorry. What are the resuts? I hope you are ok!

Marily said...

Wow, you look pretty great for having a migraine for that long! Hope you're feeling better!!