Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas Morning

Morning can come so early - but crazy as it may sound this year ... we didn't rise till bout 7:30 - which is late for me , usually I'm the one to wake everyone up ( it could have been the major crash and night-night for shye the night before) But - anywho - the morning was great ! Santa found us - as he always does . And even though sometimes our children are at different homes for different years he knows all those things -
that's what I tell the girls ;-)
Jaylen and Ashlynn got Cameras
Ashley is getting the " grown up " stuff for her dorm and home ... for the future :-)
miss Aubri with her black stuff she loves so :-)

Ashlynn is ALL about the naruto stuff and this is from her sisters - which she freaked !!

This is a book we made for dad about why we like / love / admire / care for / him . He's getting to really like those kinds of gifts !

Then the very last gift was one to Jay from Me - it's the gifts from the heart and gifts to others that really help to bring the spirit of Christmas back to Christ . I am grateful for the last few moments of Christmas morning when it was quiet and the letter was read and there were tears in the room by many . I am grateful dad liked his gift and I am grateful to 5 sweet girls who sat and waited and listened and learned patiently . THANK YOU ! What a wonderful memory and happy Christmas (for the most part - right girls ??)
we had this year .
We hope everyone of your families had that as well !!
Lots of LOVE !

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