Sunday, December 7, 2008


Thanksgiving this year was really laid back -- we just got together with family and basically ATE !

These are Ashlynns turkey cookies she made ;-)

So - here is our turkey we made . O M W -- I did a brine (sp?) on this the night before then put it in the roaster for bout 7 hrs. I have NEVER Never had a turkey that was so moist and good - for days !! We did NOT even use a butter knife - much less an electric one . We used a fork to pull the meat off - this is the picture of the breast and it come off in one big piece. This is pretty much the way we will make turkey in this house for the rest of ever ;-)

Cousins havin a bit of dessert

3 of the 5 Petersen boys with the Mom and Dad

Turkey ? Anyone ??

All in all - a great Thanksgiving had by everyone !!


Zane said...

Shye, I lost your email address. Could you send me an email, I wanted to talk about the photos. I had some ideas to run by you. Thanks!

The Allen's said...

man i love Thanksgiving. An almost guilt free day to eat eat eat eat. Hope you are good. Saw JAy setting up chairs tonight at the church. What a dude. Of course he would do something like that. Anywho, perchance I will talk to you soon.