Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged !?!?

Alrighty then ...just lookin at my sweet little ( ok - medium ) Aubriellas blog --- and I have been tagged ... I'm sometimes not the hippest young thing (i know a tidge of a surprise-wink-wink) when it comes to these 2 college girls we got , but I'll play along for you :-) !!!!

So - the tag is to name 6 of my quirk's .... hmmm - It's a good thing there's only 6 cause that's probably all I's got ... absolutely no more ---ha ya right ! Here goes .....

6. I really really don't like it when I see people being mean - just to be mean cause they think they can and think they are all big bad awesome mighty ... Rrrrrr --

5. I have a certain way I fold towels ... and pretty much I obsess over it . When they are all stacked and it's not looking the way I think it should I will start all the way from the very bottom again and re-do the whole pile (( quirk or ocd -- mmmm - I'm sure it's a quirk))

4. I'm a water drinker -- YEP - that's it ! Just water -- when we have any company for dinner or anything -- I have to make my brain try and remember to get or make some kind of a drink . Cause in our house it's water -- you don't have to make it ahead of time - it comes from the door on the fridge. Jay will get me a pepsi in a bottle and it will take me a week to finish it - well - of course he has realized that and ... it disappears now before it goes flat ;-)

3. When we are at stores and I see clothes or toys or ya know anything that someone has just dropped on the floor and has NOT put back . I HAVE HAVE to pick it up !! It's like a force that won't let my feet walk past it -- bizarre . Ashlynn has almost ran into me so many times when we are just walking and I stop and pick up something .... And I've been doing this for years and years . Well -now we go shopping and the other day she went to pick up something and looked at me -- and was like OOOO ewwww -- I can't believe I'm doing something YOU do MOM !!

2. My Planner --- LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner - I swear if I ever lost it or it was injured - I would die !! It has everything in it . All my cake stuff - week stuff - birthdays - names and numbers - etc. etc... I am a BIG list person ! I love to write and do lists ! Probably really more like I LOVE to cross the things off the list when done - it makes me feel like I accomplished something for a minute :-)

1. And the number one !!! Is CRUMBS !!! - to all the teenagers that I love who have eaten at my house they will know - course 1/2 of them are on missions now BUT -
I HATE CRUMBS ! Drives me bonkers to be walking in my kitchen and family room with no shoes on and to have granules of crumbs under my feet . Not to mention I probably just vacuumed and the crumb is a 2x2 piece of cake . Rrrrr - not like someone didn't notice that piece didn't make it to their very own mouth !! My children and their friends and my husband and my friends are so very patient with that odc ( or quirk) that I continue to feed . Thanks !!!

KK - Now I suppose I'm to tag 2 peeps ! Let's see --- Becki Crosby and Britta Jarvie :-)
( Since you both know and love my girls too )

Thanks - love you !!!

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Ashley said...

Haha oh Shye I just love you! The 2x2 piece of cake totally made me think of dad and that sheet cake! And the whole Pepsi thing.. oh daddio, i just love him. and your quirks are great!