Sunday, October 26, 2008

" Tag " from Kasha

I am – happy - most of the time and incredibly grateful !!
I want – to go to night night sooo bad right now
I have – to make sure my sheets are tucked in the right way before I can fall asleep
I wish – people would just get along and would always try to say kind words to one another
I dislike – mean people -- lots of dislike there
I fear – scorpions (big time) and scary movies - cause I can't get them out of my brain once they are there and - of course , remember them at night .. rrrr....
I hear - my freezer running and total quiet outside -- well except for the planes over my house
I search – for things I seem to loose , well really it's just misplace because I KNOW i put things in a perfect place so I can get them later .. Hmmmm ( wonder really)
I wonder – about peoples lives -- people I haven't seen in a while or even people I see on the street - I wonder if they are loved and happy and safe
I always – like chocolate - no matter what time of the day ;-)
I usually – try to go to bed early and get up early -- so therefor any second now I shall be healthy, wealthy and wise ??
I am not – alot of things I would like to be ... much improvements to make
I sing – all the time - in the car - at home - and I turn the music up REALLY loud
I never – say "never" - cause you just never know -- hehe
I rarely – go on big shopping sprees -- well once I did yrs ago - to california with some friends and pretty much got a whole new wardrobe - it was fabulous !
I cry – at the drop of a hat ... shoe ... plate ... crumb ;-) ... anything really
I am not always – on time - Jay would like me to be ... so - ya - sometimes it happens
I lose - papers that come in the mail - I try to save those coupon things and they really do get up and walk away --I swear
I need - Me time -- which I rarely get -- which is probably why I need it -- duhhh
I should – think of others more -- I need to be doing more for my friends , family , neighbors, etc. etc.
I dream – Of one day all sitting down in Heaven - Like Lucy Mack Smith said ... what a joyous day that will be ;-)


The Allen's said...

I like you :).I have been meaning to call you and I would right now except you just said you were wanting to go to bed so i will resist. anyways, want you to know I have been thinking about you and love you.

Ostlers said...

I loved your thoughts! You are the sweetest person and it shows in each phrase. You are ALWAYS thinking of others! Thanks for actually doing the tag!