Sunday, October 12, 2008


Reasons why I love the fall season ....
... love to be able to open my door to my house and let some fresh air in - even if it's just
for a little bit
... love to get in the car in the morn and be a tidge cold ( especially coming from - HURRY - turn on the car and the AIR )
... love to get out my pumpkins and decor for this season
... it's nice to finally be baking and NOT dieing in the kitchen cause it's soooo hot
... now I finally feel like I can get dressed with something other than a basic T-shirt cause it's to hot to wear anything else
... just pretty much a happier person
... love that Christmas is around the corner
... love to be able to wear my puffy purple socks around the house to start wearing my boots
... love that my bulbs are starting to bloom - cause they pretty much think it is spring - hehe
... I actually start to play some Christmas music when it starts to cool off
... love , love , love soo many things !!
Anyone else love things about this time of year ??
I am very grateful for the many people and blessings and opportunities that I LOVE in my life !


Marily said...

Isn't it the greatest? I too love being able to open doors and windows and let the cool air in--it makes me feel so invigorated.

Barnes Blog said...

I am so glad you happened upon me. I didn't get to read any of your post except for the last one, and I second that, I love pumpkins and weather cooling off, and here the leaves actually start changing. Our trees in our yard are so beautiful with the reds and yellows and orange, it really is like they're on fire. I love it here, things are so beautiful and so different.
I am pregnant, 7 mos, and my little guys is adefinately growing up and DEFINATELY turning 2. My gosh he is a handful.
I can't wait to see more of you and you goings-on in AZ. Love ya man!