Tuesday, March 24, 2009

let the TRUTH be TolD

No ---- I'm not prego ! But let it be known ... I LOVe my NeW PhoNE !!!
I know - i can be a bit overboard with my bling / fruuuff / animal print things .
But i gotta say for my WholE WidE life ( k - well -really like only 6 -7 -8 years ) i have wanted soooo bad a crazy - funky phone . It seems every time i get a phone ( usually the least expensive one i can ) -- they never have any CooL covers . SO - cereal - this time i had to look at the covers before I Made ANY life altering decisions . Jay would just laugh and laugh -- he has ONLY had to endure me talking bout it fuuur years . And THIS is the RESULTS !!! I can' t really work the thing all to well - BUT Whhooohooo - it's animal AND then I added some pink ( for spring colors) bling . I'm sure we have to change our colors for fall and go more leopard .

Who says ... that silly things can't make a girl happy for a bit -- at least while she is on HER phone !! then ... one of the BETTER parts -- it was ONLY 50 buckerooos - snaps snaps ! Please don't judge me for being so shallow -- i DO have other parts that are not so " in the shallow " end . hehe


Tracy said...

Loves the blingage! So creative!

Burgess said...

That is THE CUTEST phone I've ever seen in my life!!

T and T Brunson said...

You just make the world a little happier with all your BLING!!

Jan said...

Love your phone, Shye! Kodi would like that one too. She is an animal print lover. :)

Ashley said...

this is so you! and i've actually become quite partial the the Zebra myself!! very cute :) i want a zebra purse haha. i know.. wild