Monday, March 9, 2009

Friends - to Stephanie !!

About a year or so ago when i released from the Relief Society , there were mixed emotions . Well - the gals I was soooo lucky to serve with organized a dinner together and secretly invited all the ladies I had served with being in the presidency . That night we decided to meet oft and have dinner - lunch - anything - some excuse to get together and enjoy each others company and catch up on our lives . We have done that ... well - not as oft as planned BUT still love the idea JUST the same . So here we are at dinner this last week having a WONDERFUL time . How lucky and blessed and fortunate I was to be able to rub shoulders and serve with such AMAZING Sisters in the gospel . There are still lots missing from this picture that couldn't make it -- and as ALWAYS !!! we hope they make it next time :-)

This last time we wanted to make sure and do BEFORE Stephanie left . She will be moving for a short bit to stay with family while her husband goes off to serve for our Country . Stephanie and Justin !!! how honored and humbled and grateful I feel to KNOW you ! What amazing people you BOTH are and YOUR daughter TOO !! I am in AWE to think of the sacrifice you ALL will make for sooooo many of us who don't even realize it . And THIS is for ALL the MEN and WOMEN who do these heroic acts ALL DAY LONG . My family will be and IS blessed because of YOU !! Thank you ! Thank YOU !
Thank you for being our friends ! We love you Justin - Stephanie and Sydney !!


Lauren said...

What a fun idea! How cute! :)

The Metcalf's said...

Thanks Shye! We love you guys and look forward to our return. That was a fun night and it was great to catch up! I hope you gals are still doing the get-together thing when we get back... :)

The Burnhams said...

I'm so sad I missed you:( I'm glad it was a fun evening. How lucky I am to know you and that whole group! Hope all is well with you, Shye, and that your shoulders arent' poppin too much:)
Love, Karlie