Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Ladies

LadyBUG - Lady bug fly away home ... NO wait !! make this your home - eat all our yucky, not welcome , not nice eating out plants bugs !
We have a tradition about this time of year to get our ladybugs and let'em loose ! They will eat the bad bugs and they hang out for a bit .. then sometimes they lay eggs and whhaalaaa - we HAVE more ladies - my fav !!

you release them at night so they don't fly and they eat and munch all night long -- yumm - yumm

It can be a bit freaky .. cause they start to crawl out of the bag and oft crawl up your hand or arm ... i swear i had ladies crawling on me all night ( but not really ... cause i bathed )

They say in one bag is 1750 of them little ladies !
As Ashlynn used to say ... " o Look mom - they got married " - it seems they get out the bag and they all just wanna get married ;-) - i still like to just call it that ...

They are so fun !! specially for little kids to watch -- it has become a family tradition . Even jaydad ventures outside to check them out .


Anonymous said...

That is pretty cool lil lady?

Sarah S. Foote said...

Fun. Where do you buy them?

Julie said...

where do you get the little ladies at? i want ladybugs in my backyard. i love that it's a family tradition.

simplyshye said...

well - sometimes homedepo has them -- but they didn't have them yet - SO i called and harpers up on mckellips had them . they were 10 bucks and the bag had 1750 , it looked like ALMOSt ALL of them were ALIVE :-) -- your kids would LOVE them !!!