Sunday, April 25, 2010

i wondER ...

i AlwaYs DriVe by buiLdingS like theSE and WondER ... who Was thERE ? Who LivEd therE ? What memorIEs were MadE ? Did a FamilY work theRE / livE theRe ? Did children Run aRound and PlaY gamES ?
Anywho - you Can teLL i JuST LOVE OLD buildiNGS !! ( i don't like the DirTY parT - AT ALL !! ) But I alWAYS loVe to seE the PeopLE who touCheD this PAlcE and maDe it What is Was . WeLL ashlyNN and I BOTH feLL in LOVE with thiS GuY and StoppEd to TAkE some PicS . EnJOY
itS UnBEliEVablE !!

it EvEn haS a Pan stiLL hanging on the WaLL ! sO cOOOOOL

i think TheSE aRE the BathrOOM


Anonymous said...

If that's not screaming "Lloyd Zeffler Photo Shoot", I don't know what does.

simplyshye said...

honEST !!! ZanE - you WouLD have FREAKED !!! i can eVen Begin to teLL you How AWEsome iT iS ! im COMpleTELY in LOVe with iT