Sunday, April 18, 2010

lucKY enouGH

i was SupER lucky a FEw weekS Ago tO help with the MiSS roDEo AZ paGEanT . Now - lET me TELL you Im ALLLLL about the PAgeant thinGS -- right up My aLLEy . BUT this is A whoLE nEW worLD to me . TheY RodE horsES and Were JudGED on it tOO ! then They haD to knoW aLL about horsES and rodEO stuFFS . WOW ! theSE girLS are NO siSSYS !!!!
I waS luckY enough TO ChaperonE the GirLS to And From EvenTS . And Of CourSE , I lovED them ! they were aLL daLRing to Me . it Was a GREAT FUN ( tirIng) timE !

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