Monday, December 28, 2009


CupCakES in a Jar
... by shye
TheSe aRE one oF the nEW thiNGs i have maDe up To seLL and it's bEEn going GREAT ! i Sell them at boutiquES and dO ordERs for them - during the holidAY Week i HaD ordERs Of up arouNd 100 ... Which Was SUCH A blessiNG and So VerY wonderFUL !
ThankS to my WonderFUL BECki FOr her heLP in this CreaTion --- loVE YOU !
TheSE aRE fiLLED with loTS of yummy-neSS and YOu JUST OPEN anD eAT Right ouT of the JAr . VErY eaSY and No Baking for you :-)

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Mike and Deb said...

And oh my goodness - these things are amazing!!!