Saturday, January 9, 2010

sinCe DeceMbER 15th

It haS bEEn a CraZY Time . In the LasT fEW weekS roLLer CoaSTer Ride Has been the name of the gaME .

1. HaD our OldER girlS come and Bring theiR BoYS ( WeLL BoyfrieNDS ) - theY ActuaLLy came to sEE us on The 12th . We haD a BLAST and we LOVE them So vERy much !

2. Get CompletLEY CompleteLY reaDY for ChRistmAS in 10 DaYS BecaUSe i waS going to have surgerY on the 15th .

3. SurgerY for a maSS to be removED and also A biopSy on my breasT . BTW - picture below shows a little bit of blood - 4. REsultS came Back B9 ! WonderFUL newS !! BlessinG to EvERyone .

5. Try to continuE to RECoVer

6. WonderFUL husbanD takES time off work to TAke CaRe of me

7. KiDS get 2 weeKS off from school . Ashlynn Helps take CaRE of me .

8. HaVe AnothER surGerY For MoRE FemalE thinGS ... O JoYs of being a Girl :)

9. BreaST BiopsY Not healing to weLL - still in LOts of pain -- ouCHiE ouchiE

10. Went to Doc and FouND out thaT my incisioN has not closED - So BasicaLLY i now hoW a HolE in me thaT is TRyin to cloSE .

11. Try to Keep restiNG -- PAin in my BuMMmmm

12. Love MY HusbanD - he HAS gonE oVER AND BEYOND when it comes to Taking CaRe of me .

13. Love my FAmilY - My swEET aShlynn has reaLLY helpEd out alOT toO !

14 . Wish i HAd the EnerGy to CreATE or do SOMethiNG ... anythiNG ...

15 . Can'T Wait to Be done with thIs last little mile Stone of Our liVes . as I'm Sure the OthER 2 pepS living with me feeL the SaME .

JusT 15 poinTS fRom the 15th ... All Just BitS of ranDom-neSS


Burgess said...

I'm sorry you had to go through this! I've been thinking of you often, but haven't said anything. Hope all is well again soon and you're back to feeling like your old self again! *LOVE YOU*

Trina said...

justin told me about your "stuff" and i'm so glad that it sounds like everything will be okay. you've been in my thoughts and in my prayers. we miss you guys tons!

Marily said...

I had no idea, I am glad you wrote about this. I am sorry, it stinks that you haven't been able to do what you want to. But you know what I just keep forgetting? I still owe you something from that three people contest thing a while back. So, these are my two ideas and you have to choose: do you want a batch of homemade 100% whole wheat bread (4 loaves) or do you want dinner (you can choose a ready-to-eat meal or a meal ready for your freezer.) Let me know right away, like respond right now! (Email, blog comment, whatever) Love you!

simplyshye said...

MAriLY --- YuMMM - EithER one SOuNDs DiVinE ! All Tho - I won'T have aLoT of help with Week With JAy So ... If YOuR oFFErinG a Dinner sooN - i WOulD LOVE It - DiE FOr iT - DreaM of iT -
ThankS !!
And it's FunnY CauSe i hesitatEd to PoST thiS BUT honEST it haS bEEN my EVERY wakiNG Thought anfd slEEPiNG thought thesE laST 6 weeks or sO ;-)

Jana Thies said...

Finally! I got to see that picture of your boob! :) ha ha! I'm so so so glad everything has turned out ok...even though you've had to suffer the pain and "helplessness." You're great Shye! :)