Sunday, May 24, 2009

BeautiFUL BliSS BoutiQue

I had An Opportunity to Be iN A WonDErfUL Thing !!

A GreAT DeaR Friend of mine Becki ( Check Whippy Cake on my side wall ) Was DoinG a GrEAT FabuLOuS BoutiQue and SuggesTED I Do this With her ... NoT ONly That she SuggesTED I Try To Make Something NEW !!! AnD i DID !

CupCakES in A Jar :-)

Well - It WaS A SucceSS And It was A BLAST -- Pretty muCH HoTTER ThaN PooP BuT Still WAY GreaT EvENT ! Here A Few ( OuT of ORdER ) PicTuRES !

MrS ExCEllENT PhotograpHER

Our DisPlaY FridAY EvE

It WaS Fun tO DreSS Up --- For FuN-NESS



Kim Skinner said...

looks like fun. you are so crafty!

Anonymous said...

So sad I couldn't see you gals. You both look so pretty! How did you do sales wise?

Lauren said...

I wish I could have made it! Your display looked fab!!

Jan said...

Looks like such a fun thing to go to! I didn't know about it though. Sigh. It would have been too tempting to spend money on things anyway so maybe it's good I didn't know about it??? LOL

Stacy said...

I had the great pleasure of having you do my wedding cake (DELICIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL!) and I was wondering if you still do cakes. I googled you, but I noticed you know Becki and we grew up together. Well I really hope you still do cakes because they are great and if you could PLEASE email me that would be GREAT!

btw, I love your family pictures they are so fun!