Friday, May 22, 2009

aRTS and LeTTERS Night

Here Is the MiSS With Her 1st PlACE At Arts and LeTTERS Night at FrankLin . We ArE ProuD of YoU my LoVE !! KeEP GoiNG ! KeeP TrYING ! CrEATe ! LeaRN ! Be OPeN foR NeW IdEAS ! And AlWAYS - AlWAYS - AlWAYS ..... NeVER ForGET Whom YoU HavE This TaLenT From :-)
And ExPREsS YouR GRatiTUDe DailY To Him .


manga-artist said...

:) i will.

becki said...

Oh sweet lady! look at you go! That is so awesome!!!