Monday, February 23, 2009

I think we have an artist !! This girl paid for and ordered her own type-pad to hook up to the computer so she could draw her designs / art and save it . I tell ya what !! I'm impressed !

This is her first drawing on this thing ... it's FUR sure not as easy as it looks .

This one she did too - she just has these things in her mind and can just whip them out ... it's crazy and AWESOME !! I hope someday she can use this gift and talent alot ( and to help her muther have lots and lots of shoes ) haha - just kidding - i'd rather have
purses :-)

Ashlynn - I'm proud of YOU !!! And I'm soooo excited that you got your type-pad today too !!


Mike and Deb said...

wow! She is so talented! That is awesome! And I agree with YOU, I would take a purse over shoes anyday. I'd rather be barefooot or in flip flops with a totally stylin' bag/purse.

Anonymous said...

You do realize how amazing that is that she can do that right? WOW!

simplyshye said...

Yes - kasha -- and this was the FIRST TIME she tried !! She actually did a little contest this weekend and placed 3rd - we are sooo proud of her :-)