Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Beginnings

This year Ashlynn will go into Young Women's ... and this last week was invited to "New Beginnings " - WOW ! What a wonderful night ALOT of ladies went to alot of work and love to pull off . They had a few stations to shop at and pick up - handouts/ treats / ideas / make&take / gifts - amazing things . The night was centered around the Young Women's Values , which we should ALL try to posses .


Individual Worth

Divine Nature


Good Works



Choice and Accountability

This is the Stake Youth Theme for 2009
I love and am so very grateful that our youth have wonderful leaders and we as parents have help and direction from a Prophet on "How" to raise this generation to return to Him someday . I am grateful - incredibly grateful !


Sarah S. Foote said...

Nicely done event indeed.
Thanks for sharing that.
I totally agree the values are so important. And it seems the farther from young womens the easier it is to forget some of them.

PS can your Ashlyn really be turning 12 this year? Amazing how time flies.

MishaLee said...

blogger loves me...sorry if you get 18 comments from me, but I'm having issues...

what I want to say is:
Thank you for the sweet words and for the pictures. We're excited to have Ashlyn join in on our YW's fun, woohoo!!!