Friday, January 16, 2009

Ashley Nicole Petersen

Ashley is having a Birthday !! she is turning 20 Ashley is always kind and loving . She is a person who thinks of others before she worries about what she wants to do or what she needs .

Ashley loves the scriptures ! She loves to go to firesides and hear what the Prophet has to say to her and what she needs to do in her life. Ashley is very easy to please - she doesn't need to be entertained - she just likes to chill and hang out .You can buy any gift for Ashley and she loves it !
Ashley loves her sisters and her mom and her grandma arlene ! And her grandpa bob and sharon .

Ashley loves cheesy potatoes . She is usually willing to try new foods her wicked step mom makes . - all those weird crazy things she just whips ups with no recipe's and thinks to call them dinners ;-)

Ashley stands for truth ! She stands UP for what is right and makes good choices - you can see it in her life - even all the way through her eyes .

Ashley is a go-getter . She knew what college she wanted to go to and had applied and had all the info with applications all set up just like a growing up girl should do .

Ashley is like her dad .
Ashley loves her grandma kay and grandpa marvin . And respects and listens to her grandpas council . She likes to go to heber in the summer and spend time with them .

Ashley worries about her family and always wants to take care of them ... which she shouldn't do . Because it isn't her responsibility - although they all appreciate it . She is a good person to help . Ashley is just a giver .

Ashley is an amazing girl that is turning into an amazing woman . we are lucky to know her - to love her - and to have her in our lives .
Happy Happy Birth of your very days miss ashley marie nicole petersen .


Ashley said...

Aww... Thanks Shye! :] Love you!

MishaLee said...

what a sweet tribute shye! you aren't a very good 'wicked' step mother you know!
i forgot my camera at new beginings....please post some!
LOVE YOU SHYE (whoa, i was yelling there for a sec! and every sentence end with an exclamation, that's talent!)

Sarah S. Foote said...

Sweet post and beautiful blog.
You guys have all girls cause that's

I appreciate your lovely comments on my blog. You are so kind to me.
Love you!