Monday, January 9, 2012

new YeeeeaR !!

OkEY DoKeY ... I aM MoTIvaTed By My 2 SweeT OldeSt GirLS . Im Gonna Be a BETTA BLoGGER THIS YeaR ! i AinT Gonna Back To WhatS Been Gonna On ,,, JuST GoinG ForwaRD :)
JaY is GooD -- HOT ARE EVER !! LoVE HIS GuTS OuT - HEs SupEr NiCe To ME !!

AshlyNN is SupER Good KiD - She DecIDED To ... ON HER OWN i will ADD -- ThaT She NEEDs To BE P.E. in her SCheduLe , So since She Doesn'T REALLY NEED ART . She is GoING To taKE maTH LaB annd PE insteaD oF ART . That KiD maKES me PROUD !

Me - I Soo- sOO - Ive hAd BettEr Years , JaY and I Decided this week iTs Time FoR a 3rd NueroloGiST ! caLLed this morn . We will See What That Brings . We Just GEt UP , PRAY and Go DO . What Other OPTion is there ? this the ONE iVe ALWAYS UseD -- iTS Worked PreTTY GREAT THuS FAR :) - - - HAPPY DaY FRiendS !!! XoxxOo

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