Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i haVe decIdeD

thaT this YeAR ...
InstEAD of DoiNG the Usual NeW YeaRs resoluTion LiST ( that i feeL guilTY about not DoiNG or GEtting done ) I am GoiNG to Do a DifferenT liST !
This laSt weekenD jay sent me to the HiltOn to
And let me tell ya - it WORKED !!
As I was theRE i ponderED a feW thingS - and this is onE of them ! I feeL prompTED to ...
this YeaR Take AwaY . MeaninG taKE awaY thinGS i CAn't Control and the GUILT that comes with them . TAke AWAY alwAYs Puttin soOO much on myselF ! So - FOR " My LIst " ... I am GoiNG to List 10 ThinGS ( sinCE its 2010) That i feel Like i Do PreTTY ok . MeaniNg I do cakES And have been bleSSED with that gift . So I will takE my GifTS thaT i have been bleSSED with from HeaVenlY FathER - and StrETch them , i wiLL groW them , and shaRe them MORE . RAther than the usuaL - GEt in shaPe List - im DoiNG this ONe this Year . I feeL reaLLY GreAT about it !! anD at the ENd of the Day - i will Take AWAY the GuiLT and Just ... ShaRe .
HerE aRE a Few pics of my ROOm and dinnERS at the hiltoN !
( Jay May Have to kEEP this TraditioN he Has StartED ... lol - he proB doesn't Even knoW its a traditioN Yet - But BabY - youR a smaRT BoY !! )


Shellee said...

Thanks for posting your blogdress on FB! I'm glad that you have been able to rest this last weekend. Hope it all gets better soon.

Mike and Deb said...

what a great idea and what a fun weekend!!!! I need one of those I think! You are so talented and such a sweetheart, thanks for always having encouraging words for me when I have needed them!!

Bryan & Celinda said...

I love you Shye!!! Seriously you make my day!!! =)