Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saving a Life ... or at LEaST trying .

For Some ReaSON BirDS like to makE their nESTS in Weird palces around our HoME . Well - this MAMA thougHT of a GreAT place and put her NeST in the LightS neXt to Our Garage . We NotiCED her fOr a Few Nights There in the Light ... Then notiCED a Nest ... Then HeaRD the CutEST liTTle Chirps

ThERE ARe 3 ALL TogETher ... LooK at HOw CuTE the LittLE mouths are .
AnyWAY aFtER a FEw DayS AshlYNN NotiCED that onLY 1 liTTle BirDIE wAS aLive . So ........ BeinG the AniMAL LOVER that She is WANTED / NEEDED to SaVE the BirD that Was STill ALive . WE wAtched CloSLEY to See if MAMA Ever Came Back ...
So - WE Got the LitTLE Stink out of the Light ( WITHouT TouchinG it I mighT ADD - As i FreaK aBouT GerMS And BuGS and TerminAL DiSEASES ... AHHHH - it Was ROguh on ME )
AnyWHO - He Hung Out with US for A FEW daYS - thEN He WEnt to Be with HIM's or Her's Siblings .
ActuALLY THe LittlE Guy / or Girl WaS VerY vERY cuTE !!


MishaLee said...

Oh...I'm sorry they all died. The things we'll do for our kids, Shye. I don't know that I could have helped moved the bird, no matter how cute. Ashlynn is so sweet.

Susan said...

Hey Shye (so fun that I found you!)
You are far better than I. No birdie saving for me.

However, I am sorry that birdie didn't make it.